IBM ThinkPad A30P [2653-66U] + Debian GNU/Linux [sid]

Benedikt Heinen

The machine

In short - I like the new machine.... ;)

Especially those new Flexview displays are really cool - not just from the resolution (I had the same resolution on an A21P before), but just from the screen itself. The new displays have a picture much more like a "normal" CRT judging from the colors and viewing angles...

The machine in question has the following key features:

The installation

The notebook has been set up with Win2K in a 5GB partition (original 47GB windows partition resized with Partition Magic), the "IBM work area" in "hidden" a 1GB partition (unchanged original install), and linux set up with a "rescue" system in /dev/hda3 (512MB), the system root partition in /dev/hda5 (512MB) and all other partitions inside LVM (40GB).

YES, I know, LVM looks like overkill on a notebook, but I like to have the ability to easily create, resize and remove partitions again, and for that, LVM seems the easiest way...

Windows partition and "IBM work area" or FAT32 partitions, my "rescue system" /dev/hda3 is on ext2, all other partitions are XFS (requires kernel patch)..The latter for two reasons:

Hardware compatibility

problems, still unsolved (some at least)...

Any help on these would be highly appreciated! Just feel free to email me at If you have any more information on these...


Benedikt Heinen
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